HMK® P24
Liquid Stone Soap "No Rinse"

A 100% natural, pH 7.0 neutral conditioner and maintenance cleaner/protector for all natural and cast stone, agglomerate and ceramic tile, regardless of surface finish. Regular use forms an invisible dirt repellent and slip retardant film, which is highly permeable and cures clear. HMK® P24 has a totally natural appearance and colors in the stone become more vivid with repeated use.

Dilute 1/4-1/2 cup (2-4 oz.) of P24 per each 2 1/2 gallons, 10 liters of clean water and damp mop floor, frequently wringing mop in same bucket of solution. Do not re-mop each area. When water becomes soiled, replace it at same dilution. Do not rinse protective film. Buffing is optional using the HMK® Z202 Polishing-Vac or a regular floor machine with white/tan polyester pads at 900-1500 rpm. Use P24 daily in commercial and once or twice weekly in residential areas. P24 can be used in automatic floor scrubbers.

Approximately 8,000 sqft., 730 square meters diluted per 1 liter (34 oz.) container.

Chemical product. Keep out of reach of children.

1/2 liter cans (17 oz.) 20, 1 liter cans (34 oz.) 12 per case, 5 liter cans (5.68 qts.) 4 per case, 10 liter cans (11.36 qts.) 2 per case.

No special requirements.

Always test procedure first in an inconspicuous area to determine dilution rate, performance, and visual appearance.

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