HMK® R175
Exterior Stone Cleaner

ACID BASE – For Professional Use Only

An acid type cleaner for exterior use on all rough/textured, and honed stones, especially granites with high iron content (blocks rusting process). For interiors, and when fumes are a concern, use the milder HMK® R169 Interior Stone Cleaner on granites and other acid resistant materials. HMK® R175 thoroughly removes decade-old dirt, grout/cement residue, lime and calcium deposits, and prevents rusting. Do not use on polished surfaces. Avoid contact with metal; acid/fumes will cause etching.

Always mix solution where spills can do no damage. Protect all adjacent non-masonry surfaces. Do a manageable area at a time. Thoroughly wet area to be cleaned. Apply R175 diluted 1:3- 1:10 depending on dirt and acid resistance of the stone/grout joint. Scrub lightly with brush to remove dirt. First rinse should be a flood rinse. Second rinse should be a neutralizing rinse using a solution of HMK® R155 Intensive Cleaner (or a pH 8-9 alkali solution) and water.

200 sqft., 18 square meters at full strength, 800 sqft., 70 square meters per 1 liter (34 oz.) container diluted.

Chemical product. Contains Phosphoric and Hydrochloric Acids. Corrosive. Avoid eye/skin contact. If exposed, wash/flush with water, and get medical attention. Reacts with metals. Follow appropriate safety precautions when dealing with corrosives. At all times wear protective gear (gloves, masks, boots, etc.). Keep out of reach of children. See MSDS.

1 liter cans (34 oz.) 12 per case, 5 liter cans (5.68 qts.) 4 per case.

Store in cool place. Keep lid tightly closed.

Always test procedure first in an inconspicuous area to determine dilution rate, performance, visual appearance, and acting time so as not to harm the stone, since HMK® R175 is highly acidic.

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