HMK® R150
Paint and Varnish Remover

For Professional Use Only

A strong, fast acting stripper for all interior and exterior natural and cast stone, agglomerate, and ceramic tile, regardless of surface finish. HMK® R150 removes urethane base paints, and heavy varnishes, from all natural and cast stone, agglomerate and ceramic tile. Also used for removal of oil and grease stains.

Protect all adjacent non-masonry surfaces, including fabrics, rubber, and metal. Apply liberally at full strength to surface to be treated. Let stand for 5-10 minutes, but do not let dry. Once paint/varnish softens, remove carefully with putty knife being careful not to scratch surface, and rinse well with water. Repeat procedure if necessary.

20-40 sqft., 1.8-3.6 square meters per 1 liter (34 oz.) container.

Chemical product. Contains Dichloromethane. Toxic. Harmful or fatal if swallowed or inhaled. Use in well ventilated area. Wear protective gear. Keep out of reach of children. See Material Safety Data Sheet.

1 liter cans (34 oz.) 12 per case, 5 liter cans (5.68 qts.) 4 per case.

Store in cool place.

Always test procedure first in an inconspicuous area to determine dilution rate, performance, and acting time.

Limitation of liability: The liability of HMK® for defective products and any claims for damages whatsoever is limited to the purchase price of the products. HMK® shall not be liable for any consequential damages. No other warranty or representation is made or implied.